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Global Marketing - Asia Trading - Quality Manufacturing

We guide you in every phase of your import/export business; from the design and conception of your product, to the logistics and distribution to provide an exceptional service to your customers. At this point, most people have a lot of questions regarding how we work. Please see our FAQ section and you may find your question answered. Additionally, feel free to download our services overview PDF, or contact us and we'll be happy to answer any question you might have.

At Innovattio, we don’t look at what products will we sell and what will our contracts look like. We first ask: what problem is our customer trying to solve and/or how would they like their lives to improve. A fruitful market and the right products for it naturally proceed from answering the first question. Then we ask: how can we deliver the solutions that improve our end customer’s lives in the most efficient way. The right partners and relationships with them naturally proceed from answering this second question. Profit flows from getting both questions answered correctly.

Keys to Success

Selling and Marketing Power - The services the company provides are made attractive in order to maintain a certain percentage of B2B and B2C clients. Being a market intelligence services provider, business and market development consulting services provider, and business and sales representative.

Excellence in fulfilling the promise - Clients do not buy features, they buy benefits. To realize a benefit, a claim must be made and proof presented. This company has had success on claim after claim.

Developing visibility to generate new business leads - Participation by the company in online business affiliations with reputable global players of e-business technology is a necessity. Strategic relationships must also be made with companies, government institutions, regional (provincial) government offices, and NGOs, as well as with individual customers.

High-quality service and customer satisfaction - Everything the company sells is guaranteed; therefore, the services have to do what the customers want, and do it well. Long-term customer satisfaction is critical to the survival of the company.

Create multiple opportunities from a single line of expertise - We are able to leverage from a single pool of expertise into multiple revenue generation opportunities: business development, market development, market intelligence, industrial sectors analysis, and channel development on a global scale, as well as sales assistance for global companies in the Indonesian market.

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