Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I use an agent to represent me in Asia?
A: Partnering with the right agent can help you maximize sales and minimize unnecessary operational expenditures. When you manufacture and source in another country it is paramount to have someone who knows the culture, laws, people, and customs. Having an agent on the ground also removes the difficulties of time zone management and is able to respond immediately to needs and oversight.

Q: What are the benefits of manufacturing in Asia?
A: In short, value. By sourcing and manufacturing in Asia you are manufacturing your product at the origin of the supply chain. This lowers cost while maintaining quality.

Q: What are the challenges of manufacturing in Asia?
A: The main challenges are allocating appropriate shipping time, and ensuring proper quality controls and inspection are in place.

Q: How do I know I will receive a quality product?
A: Your agent must make sure that they are inspecting the factory and performing quality control as per your requirements.

Q: How can I be sure that my product will meet all the required safety specifications?
A: You would need to provide the safety specifications for your distribution country, then the agent must ensure the factory meets them, both in workmanship and materials used. If you use your agent to distribute your product in Asia, then your agent can perform the safety research for those countries.

Q: How can I be sure my idea/product is protected?
A: China is a first-to-file country in regard to trademarking and registering your Intellectual Property (IP). It is imperative you register your trademark(s) and/or copywrite(s) before having your product manufactured or sampled. Your agent will be instrumental in keeping you protected by verifying with your factory that your trademarks are kept in a secure location and monitoring (with you) any illegal sales of your product on the internet.

Q: How can I be sure that the factory workers where my product is made are treated with respect and their basic human rights are honored?
A: Part of your agents responsibility in sourcing the factories is to ensure the factory obeys the local and international laws. This includes inspection of employee logs and visual verifications of the working conditions.

Q: How long will it take to make my product?
A: Estimates on production time, sample process, warehousing costs, shipping costs are dependent on variables, chiefly what you are producing.

Q: What are the standard payment terms?
A: Most factories in Asia require a 50% deposit due at the time of purchase order (after invoice) and the balance before the product is shipped. The use of an agent will make the payment terms very easy for you as the financial transactions go through them.

Q: How can I get my products introduced to, and sold in, Asia?
A: Innovattio can assist in the development of channels for your product. This can be anything from finding and evaluating local disributors to staffing retail outlets on your behalf. Additionally, your branding efforts in Asia should take into consideration the cultural umbrella of each country to include fashion sense, consumer demand, local flare, preferred looks/products, and cultural sensitivity. Taking these and other elements into consideration in your branding and marketing efforts can produce powerful yields. Innovattio brings extensive knowledge of the culture and finger-on-the-pulse sensibilities to Asian branding and marketing to maximize your sales.


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