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Innovattio is a powerful partner for expanding businesses that are looking to have their products manufactured in Asia. Our expert outsourcing solutions connect our clients with certified China manufacturers, helping them in developing and executing their long-term strategic goals by minimizing risk, substantially reducing Cost of Goods, and accelerating time to market thereby delivering improved profit margins and shareholder returns.

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From the VP. International OPS

"The best strategy for doing successful business in Asia is respecting and understanding the uniqueness of their culture; and in other to succeed in a global market it is extremely important to possess comprehensive knowledge of business fundamentals in different sectors of the industry. Consequently, is straightforward to recognize the major trends of the global economy, and know how to get things done the most cost efficient way."
- Diego Orozco


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Business Environment

The Asia-Pacific Region is now living in an interesting era, the process of change from the "old economy" to the "global new economy" brings a tremendous development growth of e-commerce, mobility of capital, and liberalization to the region. Since the new global economy brings new economics, new market structures, new industry structures, and new company structures, the profile of customers has also changed. Customers have evolved from "solution demander" to "value demander," and from "clients" to "business partners."

Innovattio demonstrates a successful approach in converting its reputation into an excellent brand to ensure the conversion of its clients' knowledge into their intellectual property, thus creating value for its clients.

Our mission is to be the actual China Business Gate for companies and entrepreneurs who wish to take advantage of the attractive and quality to cost ratio of Chinese manufacturing activities, and to whom wants to be a player in China.

Our offices in China offers its particular expertise to clients helping them to create, to set up and develop their business in Mainland China, giving support to develop their commercial activities in China.

Our company is a specialist in connecting manufacturers with importers without no other middle step in between. We are offering to reduce costs and expenses. If your company needs to work with China, avoiding to work with several middle companies, please contact us.

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